Reconditioning, a service designed improve a piano’s , (keeping in mind both costs and benefits). is the process of returning a piano back in service by repairing, cleaning and adjusting the piano action/structure for close-to-new performance. Parts are replaced only where/when necessary. We usually do this to customers pianos with only moderate wear and tear or those of medium value with average performance requirements. Reconditioning does not involve replacing major components such as the soundboard, bridges, pinblock, and most action parts. This means the performance and life-span of an older piano will not be restored to new, but rather, the piano is “refreshed” and possibly, can get an additional 20-50 years of lifespan on top of it’s present state, depending on how it is maintained.

Please note that we DO NOT import any reconditioned pianos from japan, as we are uncertain of the quality of work done by the workers, mostly of which are third party. We will only perform this service when requested by the customer or when, after an appraisal of the piano, we think the piano will benifit in terms of performance and better sound.


COMPLETE REBUILDING – disassembly of the ENTIRE piano’s structure

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The following parts of the piano are inspected and repair as necessary, including replacement of ALL worn, damaged, or deteriorated parts. The piano is then adjusted to the same or similar tolerances as new.

  • Soundboard
  • Bridges
  • Pinblock
  • Strings
  • Action and keyboard

Case Refinishing

PARTIAL REBUILDING includes only one or two of these areas, for example rebuilding of the action and structure, but not case refinishing. Rebuilding RESTORES the piano to ORIGINAL CONDITION OR BETTER. Such comprehensive work is usually most practical for high-quality instruments here maximum performance and longevity are required.

An easy way to gague whether your piano would be better off in the junkyard OR rebuilt would be these costs involved:

  • Replacement Value – Value of the equivalent/similar brand new model at retail price
  • Rebuilding Costs – A typical partial rebuild that will be more than enough on pianos in this
  • climate costs from SGD$5000-SGD$10,000
  • Value of your piano when brand new
  • Current Value of your piano
  • Value of your piano after rebuilding

Amery’s 1975 Yamaha semi concert grand worth $59,000 brand new as of the pricing in 2002, (7’4″, or 225cm long) was worth SGD$30,000 when new back then in 1975. Now, because of wear and tear due to heavy use, is only worth $8000, and partial rebuilding costs (this piano didn’t need a full rebuild) was around SGD$5000. After the whole process of rebuilding, the piano was restored to brand new condition, minus the case refinishing which was nearly faultless (scratches in a few unnoticable areas), and had a killer sound, and was better than a brand new semi concert grand since it was CUSTOM designed to suit his demanding specifications. The cost of this piano is now worth very close to brand new, which was appraised at SGD$27,650.

As you can see in this example, rebuilding was definitely a worth cause as in total, only SGD$5000 was spent to bring the total value up nearly 3 1/2 times it’s cost (ie. from $8000 to $27,650)

Do keep posted on before and after pictures/sound recordings available as a testimonial to our quality rebuilding work.

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